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Sound medical advice.

Noshing On a Knish at Yonah Schimmel’s Knish Bakery

Sound medical advice. When you’re walking down East Houston Street, it’s difficult to choose something to eat with so many great places nearby. “Oy vey!” you might shout, drawing attention from nearby Lower East Side hipsters or Jews. “Where should I get my next nosh?” If whoever is nearby is a mentsch and not a […]

The book section of Bluestockings.

Get Educated, Fight The Establishment, and Drink Coffee at Bluestockings

Bluestockings is an independent bookshop, fair trade café and activist center in the Lower East Side run entirely by volunteers. As I was about to walk in, I felt a little nervous that my experience at Bluestockings would be like the hilarious “Women & Women First” sketches on IFC’s Portlandia, where patrons in a feminist bookstore […]

Look at the cross-section. Oh yeah baby.

Hot Dogs with a Latin and Stoner Flair at Los Perros Locos

This munchies joint specializes in creative Colombian hot dogs. Hot dogs such as the Mas Perfecto are topped with cubes of thick bacon, quail eggs and apple chipotle slaw. Paying homage to its South American roots, the Chimi-Churo-Chori dog is topped with delicious homemade chimchurri, rich chorizo, cheese, and crushed potato chips. All the hot […]

Welcome to The No Money New Yorker!

Hello, Hola, Shalom, Konnichiwa, Privet, Ahalan, Bonjour, It doesn’t matter what language you speak, where you come from or what your background is. New York is one of the most frenetic, intense, lively, tough, stimulating, stressful, exciting and expensive cities in the world. You know the old saying — if you can make it here, […]


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