The Best for Less during NYC Restaurant Week


Hear that? That’s the sound of every NYC foodie collectively having an orgasm. “My goodness!” you shout. “What is the cause of this intense wave of pleasure?”


Now, I know this blog has the words “No Money” in the title, but $25 or $35 for three courses is about as good as you’re going to get at most of the high-end restaurants on offer.

Maybe you have a hot date, a cause for celebration, or a few extra bucks lying around. We need to have a taste of the best sometimes as a reminder of why we live in NYC, even if a Restaurant Week dinner is the equivalent of 35 slices at 2 Bros Pizza (more if you include tax and tip). Not as cost-effective, perhaps, but definitely more classy and a reminder of great things to come…you know, once you actually start getting paid at that internship.

Some of the restaurants participating include:

  • Nobu. 105 Hudson St, Manhattan. Known for its world-class Japanese food and tendency to quickly deplete wallets.
  • 21 Club21 W. 52nd St, Manhattan. Serves traditional American and a “spot” for the power lunch.
  • Boulud Sud20 West 64th St, Manhattan. Another restaurant from French celebrity chef Daniel Boulud. Expect elegant Mediterranean food that is plated like a work of art, only to be devoured moments later.
  • Blue Smoke116 E. 27th St and 225 Vesey St, Manhattan. Finger-lickin’ haute barbecue from restaurateur Danny Meyer, who  built an empire in NYC with his Shake Shack franchise and fancy foodie fixtures such as Gramercy Tavern.
  • Red Rooster Harlem310 Lenox Ave, Manhattan. Serves soul and comfort food for the financially comfortable. I first heard of this restaurant when I saw its Ethiopian-Swedish head chef and owner, Marcus Samuelsson, on Top Chef Masters. I liked him because he seemed like one of the nicer and less pretentious chefs on the show, and he won season two!

Of course, there are hundreds of restaurants to choose from so do your homework. The Restaurant Week website lists all participating restaurants, menus, individual restaurant schedules, and online reservations. Note that some establishments only serve lunch deals and not dinner, and deals are not always available every day of the week.

The event only lasts from July 22nd to August 16th, so save some cash and go out and explore some of the best of NYC cuisine!


  1. zaboomba · · Reply

    I am hungry alread and I just ate.

  2. Laura Jackson · · Reply

    Thanks for the info. I’m checking out Boulud Sud tomorrow night thanks to this post. Couldn’t get a reservation, but they do first come first served in lounge and on patio.

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