Live Music and Time Travel at The Way Station


It’s a rare moment when you can say you drank a beer, saw free live music and traveled in a time machine disguised as a police telephone box to get to the bathroom. Luckily, The Way Station can provide you with all three experiences.

I don’t want to get you too excited about the whole time traveling thing, but the Way Station has a replica of the TARDIS, the time-traveling spacecraft from the beloved television show Doctor Who, a British series about a humanoid-alien, known as “The Doctor,” who goes on adventures throughout the universe. Fans of the series will surely be delighted by this quirky feature, though the only place the TARDIS will let you travel to is the restroom. In addition, The Way Station adds to its quirky, fun and slightly nerdy theme with  Steampunk decorations adorning the walls.

Perhaps the biggest draw of the Way Station  is the eclectic lineup of nightly live music. On any given night, you can hear indie rock, hip hop, classical music, blues, folk, or any other sound that makes you want to move. The shows are free (though a five dollar donation to the artists is suggested), and drinks are standard Brooklyn prices – $6 beers, $9 cocktails, and a happy hour that includes $2 PBRs and $4 well drinks and drafts that goes until 8 pm. Some nights include screenings of old films and cult classics.  The intimate stage  is in a separate room parallel to the bar .

It’s nice to go to a bar in Brooklyn that differentiates itself from the usual exposed brick wall and backyard-with-string lights motif that seems to dominate the drinking scene in Brooklyn, and the live music and quirky vibe makes The Way Station a worthy stop after a day at the nearby Brooklyn Museum or Botanic Garden.

The Way Station is located on 683 Washington Avenue in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn.

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