Get a Classic Italian San’ in Williamsburg


The old school storefront, welcoming you into their sausagefest.

It’s hard out there for a Williamsburg sandwich lover. Don’t get me wrong: there’s plenty of spots where you can get a delicious sandwich, but far too often I find myself squinting my eyes with irritation as I scan the menu and realize it’s going to cost me 13 bucks for some meat between two pieces of bread.

Lucky for us thrifty sammy enthusiasts, you can find a great deal at Emily’s Pork Store in East Williamsburg. Emily’s is a small Italian grocery that’s been dealing out tasty eats since 1974. The shop has a comforting, relaxed vibe with its old school storefront sign, prices written on jars of pasta sauce with permanent marker, and friendly counter staff happy to make you a helluva sandwich. Standing among the cheeses and dried pastas, you can just feel how long locals have been shopping here for their Italian staples.


Taken seconds before being devoured. RIP.

The star here is the Italian sandwich. There’s no menu: ask for a sandwich and they’ll make you an Italian sub, ask “Ya want it sweet or spicy?” and make a couple alterations should you ask. I chose smoked mozzarella over plain and there was no attitude and no extra charge.

For a very reasonable $7.50, you walk out with a filling sandwich stuffed with a few types of homemade salamis like capicola, Italian cheeses and some condiments. I chose the spicy san’ and got some hot cherry peppers and a little balsamic on top of my mozzarella and assorted salamis. It’s simple, fresh, delicious, and still cheap all these years later.

Next time you’re going to spend more than 10 bucks for some artisanal, handcrafted Italian sandwich made with pork that was massaged and fed local rooftop truffles , just back out slowly, take a deep breath, and run to Emily’s Pork Store. You won’t regret it.

Emily’s Pork Store is on 426 Graham Avenue, a short walk from the Graham L subway. It’s closed on Sundays, so go to church and pray that Emily’s lasts forever.

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